Days of Glory (Indigènes)

January 13, 2010 at 11:41 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE:  Days of Glory (Indigènes)

NUTSHELL:  North Africans in the French army during World War II fight discrimination and the Axis.

GOOD THINGS:  Jamel Debbouze, Samy Naceri, Roschdy Zem, Sami Bouajila, story, cinematography, emphasis on characters rather than vast Hollywoody battles

BAD THINGS:  The true-to-life aspects of the story that are quite sad and have a depressing lack of closure even today

FEATURES:  French babes, censorship, fezes as far as the eye can see, Belgian townspeople

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Bookends – geesh I hate bookends.

NOTABLE:  Contains wacky newsagent from Amelie who is apparently a supahstah in France.

BEST PART:  Final battle

BEST LINE:  Vive La France!

CROWNS:  3 out of 5

Entry filed under: Firebaton review, Foreign.

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