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Top Ten 2009

Here’s my list of favorite movies for 2009.  I tried to be levelheaded about it, like for instance “I Love You, Man” isn’t on here.  Or “Safe Men”.  Yes, I know that came out in 1998.  My point is, this is as objective as I get.

Adventureland – Saw this twice and the second time my companion lost interest and turned to me to start a lengthy, unrelated conversation halfway through the movie.  So I know it’s not for everyone.

Blind Side – Made the mistake of getting popcorn during this and was severely dehydrated from all the crying and salt afterwards.

Fantastic Mr. Fox – Really liked this.  It’s not as twee as I feared it would be.  Cuss yeah.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince – Sometimes I wonder if these make sense to civilians and other times I’m convinced everything is perfectly spelled out if you pay enough attention.  I am kidding myself, of course.

Hurt Locker – Great movie.  Even contains some running jokes and Voldemort’s downfall.  Kind of.

Informant! – Very funny, has everyone I love in it (and Matt Damon), and even the hair is hilarious.

Invention of Lying – Person next to me had an asthma attack from laughing too much.

Up – Sure we’re all over it now and worried about the cute culture encroachment but it’s great.  “I like you temporarily!”

Up in the Air – Perhaps too close to real life to be as appealing as it could be, but still great.

White Ribbon – Great German movie and as a plus I have never seen an audience so pissed off at a movie before.

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