If you’d like to submit a review to firebaton and you’re not all nuts and stuff, then we would be glad to hear from you. We used to have a fancy form to do this but it wreaked havoc and it’s really not that complicated so here is what you do.


Email reviews (at) firebaton.com with the following list of information.

1.    Movie:

2.    Nutshell:

3.    Good Things:

4.    Bad Things:

5.    Features:

6.    Uncomfortable Moments:

7.    Notable:

8.    Best Part:

9.    Best Line:

10.           Crowns: (out of 5)

11.           How you’d like to be identified in your guest review


Please DO NOT include spoilers that will ruin the main points of the movie for someone! If you do, your review won’t get posted or I’ll have to edit it and will be cranky all day. Try to be vague if you feel it’s a “must” for the review and remember that even if a movie’s really shitty, someone out there probably likes it enough to send me mean email if you ruin it for them.

Please allow some time for your review to be posted (longer if there is anything Harry Potter-related going on in the world.)

Thank you for submitting! (If you have read this far and decided not to post a review then we wish you the best of luck and hope you will develop an opinion of your own that you want to share someday.)

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