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Serenity (guest)

MOVIE:  Serenity

GUEST:  Whiffle McMalfie

NUTSHELL:  Nine people try to make a home on a somewhat decrepit space freighter, while steering clear of the long arm of the Alliance.

GOOD THINGS:  Writing. Cast. Dialogue. Characters.

BAD THINGS:  That the superb TV series on which it was based was cancelled after less than one season.

FEATURES:  A largely unknown cast lovingly delivers performances that convey Joss Whedon’s fine sense of misdirection and unexpected happenings.

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  When they make you leave the theater before you can come back in to see it again.

NOTABLE:  The frontier patois, interspersed with Chinese cursing, takes a while to grow accustomed to, but grows on you

BEST PART:  The chemistry between the cast and the sense of actually caring what happens to the characters.

BEST LINE:  My turn.

CROWNS:  5 out of 5

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