WordPress hates the toteboard (it is secretly rooting for Claude Rains) so you have to click the graphic to view it at anything approaching visible size:

Feel the Training!

The Judges welcome comments or additions to the Tote Board. Also we are considering alloting extra points to Alfred Molina for appearing in Cabin Boy and/or for being a weird fucking whatever he is in Spider Man 2: Electric Molinaloo. Please contact us at accentmania (at)

It’s official: Lainie Kazan is bringing up the rear for third place:

– My Big Fat Greek Wedding / Greek

– 29th Street and Gigli / Italian

– My Favorite Year / Jewish

– Safety Patrol / WASP

– Played Sophie Tucker / Polish? (Which Movie?)

– Haggar the Horrible / Viking? (How can this possibly count? – Ed.)

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