The St. Francisville Experiment

January 13, 2010 at 11:03 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE:  The St. Francisville Experiment

NUTSHELL:  Faux documentary in which 3 ghost hunters and a bimbo inspect a Louisiana mansion haunted by tortured slaves.

GOOD THINGS:  Head ghost hunter is spitting image of Steven Malkmus

BAD THINGS:  Does for Blair Witch Project what Space Jam did for Hoosiers.

FEATURES:  No Owen Wilson

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  The part at the beginning where the title card comes up and it says “this is real” and the audience laughs.

NOTABLE:  Scary and funny, sorority demon eats a bug.

BEST PART:  Arguing after the movie with the guy who thinks it’s a documentary.

BEST LINE:  Fear’s what makes heroes. Right boys?

CROWNS:  4 out of 5

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