A.I. Artificial Intelligence (guest)

January 9, 2010 at 11:12 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE: A.I. Artificial Intelligence


NUTSHELL: The future of robots…robots that can feel and love. Now, imagine this… robot… a child.

GOOD THINGS: Haley Joel Osment. If he doesn’t get an Oscar, and Tatum O’Neal did… well, it ain’t fair. He doesn’t blink. He doesn’t.

BAD THINGS: Being encased in ice for 2000 years, that would be cold. The mecha slicing/dicing salad shooter and the icky Flesh Fair.

FEATURES: The mean mean “real” boy. If those futuristic things can make a flying car, read minds and recreate memories, why the heck can they only bring somebody back for 24 hours?

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: Chris Rock as a robot. Robin Williams’ voice as Dr. Know. I WANT TO SUSPEND MY DISBELIEF. The weird futuristic “aliens/robots”. Mommy SHOVING David in the woods.

NOTABLE: The flying car of the alien/robots. The walking/talking/thinking supertoy bear. Gigolo Joe’s “crick” in his neck, that plays cheesy muzak.

BEST PART: Finding Mommy.

BEST LINE: I found you.

CROWNS: 4 mecha crowns, but 5 for HJO

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