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Walk the Line

MOVIE:  Walk the Line

NUTSHELL:  Oddly moving love story about an obsessive, drug addicted country & western singer and a basically ok but intermittently married country & western singer.

GOOD THINGS:  Reese Witherspoon and Joaquin Phoenix and their performances, rather touching lubb story, thankfully not a lot of jibber jabber about music except some clunky scenes that purport to display how songwriting works. These scenes always make me cringe. I’m not sure why.

BAD THINGS:  The crazy first wife was pretty uno-dimensional and frightening and there is this weird anti/pro religion wishy-washyness that is all over the place. Like, religion is not a good idea and basically bad for you and it’s all about the individual but also you should be sad you are sinner but who cares about that because it’s all about the individual except when you sober up you should go to church because it’s good.

FEATURES:  Some stellar hair, contact lenses without rhyme, reason or continuity, Robert Patrick as a wooden Dadinator 2, Shelby Lynne for no reason I could figure, Shooter Jennings, another guy playing Elvis, sort of a disturbing Jerry Lee Lewis non-lookalike

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Any time there’s a little kid and a table saw in the same shot, I get a really bad feeling. Plus maybe this movie is too close to home for me. Plus plus Sam Phillips is kinda mean and I was like, geeeeeez.

NOTABLE:  I know I am like a broken record with this but I will say it again: Can’t we leave Elvis out of this? P.S., I really hope I don’t get another nasty email from the director. Kate and Leopold was fine, ok? FINE!

BEST PART:  Maybelle’s discomfort. I’m not sure why, it’s just funny to me.

BEST LINE:  We surrender! We surrender!

CROWNS:  4 out of 5


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Gimme Shelter

MOVIE:  Gimme Shelter 

NUTSHELL:  Stones, knives and guns – oh my! The Maysles’s seminal music documentary about the free concert at Altamont Speedway in 1969.

GOOD THINGS:  The music doyaaiiee, there has never been anyone that the camera loved more than Mick Jagger. (Courtney Cox is gaining, though.) Cute dogs, Keith, Charlie and Bill, Melvin Belli, Tina Turner and (boy I never thought I’d say this…) the Grateful Dead as the voice of reason.

BAD THINGS:  The Hell’s Angels, (“Ain’t nobody gonna kick my motorcycle!), gunplay, beating, kicking, knifing, you know – all that baby boomer shash.

FEATURES:  Snakeskin boots, velvet pants, Minnie Pearl, funny hats, Jefferson Airplane, the Flying Burrito Brothers, helicopter getaways and dancing in the motel room

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  People on drugs are scary. Naked people on drugs scarier. Dirty hippies on drugs…. wait is that redundant?

NOTABLE:  I totally forgot about Mick Taylor and his bouffant hairdo.

BEST PART:  I will be killed if I don’t say one word. And that word is: Keith.

BEST LINE:  “Well done, Sonny.”

CROWNS:  5 out of 5

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MOVIE:  Scratch

NUTSHELL:  Excellent personalized history of hip hop that rocks the hay-ouse.

GOOD THINGS:  Great at laying down the basics and history and being totally engaging.  Amazing clips of archival footage, interviews, and current competitions and performances.

BAD THINGS:  Nope.  Okay maybe I could have heard “Rockit” a couple of less times.

FEATURES:  Qbert, Mix Master Mike, Jazzy Jay, Afrika Bambaataa, GrandMixer DXT, DJ Shadow, Rob Swift and the X-Ecutioners, DJ Babu and The Beat Junkies, DJ Shortee, DJ Premier, Steve Dee, DJ Craze and the Allies, Cut Chemist, Numark and Jurassic 5, and as they say on the KTEL commericials “much more!”

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  DJs’ alien fixation, unnerving interviews with Naut Humon and the voices in his head

NOTABLE:  I think I have a crush on Cut Chemist now, contains individuals who go by “GrandWizzard Theodore,” “DJ Faust,” and “Steinski”

BEST PART:  the Invisibl Skratch Piklz final show

BEST LINE:  I took clarinet in the fourth grade.

CROWNS:  5 out of 5

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John Lee Hooker: That’s My Story

MOVIE:  John Lee Hooker: That’s My Story

NUTSHELL:  Documentary about the life and music of legendary Master of the Blues who was actually pretty well-adjusted and happy thanks.

GOOD THINGS:  Music and the most adorable 80 year old bluesman EVER. Plus great stuff from his manager Mike Kappas who managed the formerly-ripped-off musician into a millionaire.

BAD THINGS:  One video subject who kept making faces, stock footage, segregation, rip off artist producers, stuttering, Peter Wolf being a goon

FEATURES:  Bonnie Raitt, Carlos Santana and his hat, John Mayall, John Hammond, Eric “Gucci” Clapton, Boom Boom (the bar and the song), luxury cars, Robert Cray, a barely understandable member of Canned Heat, Buddy Guy, Charlie Musselwhite, Eddie Kirkland, hats, friend chicken, cotton, and pancakes

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  This was made by a German and I’m thinking that is why there are long shots of American streets that are unrelated to the film.

NOTABLE:  Some astonishingly horrendous grills. If you’re a dentist, please take smelling salts with you to this film.

BEST PART:  Flirting with the pancakes waitress. Okay shut up, the best part is the music. Duh!

BEST LINE:  You can’t get enough of that.

CROWNS:  3 out of 5


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The Filth and the Fury

MOVIE:  The Filth and the Fury

NUTSHELL:  Julien Temple’s tells the Sex Pistols story in relation to England’s societal upheaval in the 1970’s and, oddly enough, Richard III.

GOOD THINGS:  Film also functions as a fashion scrapbook. Siouxsie, Vivienne Westwood cameo, rad clips including yokels in Georgia chatting about the Pistols, so ghey TV spots and chat show mayhem

BAD THINGS:  Malcolm McLaren, heroin, mullets, perms, flares, bondage face masks, Billy Idol and Nancy

FEATURES:  Sting… in a role that will surprise you.

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Spitting. A whole lot of spitting. I guess you basically know that going in but geez… a lot of spitting.

NOTABLE:  Say what you will, but that Paul Cook’s a looker, even shot in silhouette which everyone is in this film and I’m not sure why.

BEST PART:  The wit and wisdom of Sid Vicious

BEST LINE:  We declared war on England without meaning to.

CROWNS:  3 out of 5


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Hedwig and the Angry Inch (guest)

MOVIE: Hedwig and the Angry Inch

GUEST: ScotWest

NUTSHELL: Botched sexual reassignment surgery meets Germanic pessimism in the toe-tappin’est, finger-snappin’est musical comedy spectacular of the post-Cold War era.

GOOD THINGS: John Cameron Mitchell, the score, songs about wigs, first movie since 1945 to feature a title character named “Hedwig.”

BAD THINGS: Graphic descriptions of unsuccessful vaginification.

FEATURES: Beehives on men, beards on women, helpful tips for laundering a bra, loud glam rock concert during the Early Bird Special at the Sizzler.

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: Implied child molestation, Andrea Martin in the Tony Hendra role from Spinal Tap.

NOTABLE: Most successful fake rock act from the Fatherland since The Scorpions.

BEST PART: Jazzy Vegas-style show-stopping number staged in a single-wide mobile home. What “Earth Girls Are Easy” could have been if it had only had less Geena Davis and more drag queens.


CROWNS: 4 out of 5

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The Decline of Western Civilization

MOVIE:  The Decline of Western Civilization

NUTSHELL:  L.A. Punk bands rock out with their cocks out circa 1979/1980.

GOOD THINGS:  X, The Germs, FEAR, Circle Jerks, The Alice Bag Band, Catholic Discipline, Black Flag

BAD THINGS:  A lot of these folks are dead now.

FEATURES:  Homemade tattoos and religious pamphlets, toy cars and making breakfast, public service announcements and fisticuffs, hilarious interstitials

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Homemade tattoos – they’ll be sorry when they’re older. Well, maybe not.

NOTABLE:  I lubb X this much. Billy Zoom just didn’t age, did he?

BEST PART:  Darby Crash. That is all.

BEST LINE:  Don’t eat the car – you’ll kill yourself!

CROWNS:  4 out of 5

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