The Jungle Book

July 6, 2016 at 4:18 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE:  The Jungle Book

NUTSHELL:  CGI Animals, a precocious child and somehow only one song

GOOD THINGSThere’s a Garry-Shandling-voiced porcupine

BAD THINGS:  This is another one of those movies like Jurassic World that toys with the prospect of a precocious child being eaten by wild animals but never follows through.

FEATURES:  Really just a kid but also the voices of Bill Murray, Lupita Nyong’o and Idris Elba

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  One song.  Did I mention there’s one song?  Remember how much you loved the Jungle Book as a kid because of the almost complete absence of music?

NOTABLE:  I would like to be excused from colonial fables about everyone working together henceforth.

BEST PART:   Further confirmation that Scarlett Johansson is an incredible movie villain.

BEST LINE:  “Am I in the right monkey temple?”       

CROWNS:  3 out of 5

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