The Quiet American (guest)

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MOVIE:  The Quiet American

GUEST:  XGirl2000

NUTSHELL:  Amid the chaos of the French-Indochinese war, Michael Caine figures out that the young, American doctor who’s fallen for Caine’s young, Vietnamese mistress isn’t who he says he is.

GOOD THINGS:  Vietnamese landscape… pretty, Asian-French-influenced ’50s-era dresses… and perhaps my fave actor, Michael Caine – we should all become more like Alfie.

BAD THINGS:  The French. Also, I would usually put Brendan Fraser here, but you know what? He wasn’t too bad in this… of course, it probably helps that from the first scene, you know he’s going to die.

FEATURES:  Action, excitement, international intrigue, spies, mean sisters, love triangles, taxi dancers and Encino Man getting shanked as if he were in an episode of Oz – what more could you want in a movie?

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Michael Caine kissing a girl young enough to be his granddaughter (I guess that’s the point though). Caine losing his dignity and crying in a men’s bathroom stall. And most disturbingly, the many shots of war/ bomb destruction, including landscapes filled

NOTABLE:  From what I understand, Miramax was hesitant, post-9/11, to put out a flick that was critical of American foreign policy and Caine had to fight to get this film out there. It’s damn good, so you better go see it.

BEST PART:  Michael Caine, Michael Caine, Michael Caine. I mean, this man is good in schlock. Go see him in something really great.

BEST LINE:  I can’t remember exactly what the line was, but after Encino Man meets the mean sister of Caine’s mistress, he says something like your sister’s nice. Caine’s reply: She’s an angel. Or something like that.

CROWNS:  5 out of 5

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