Phone Booth

May 11, 2011 at 11:30 am Leave a comment

MOVIE:  Phone Booth

NUTSHELL:  Taut thriller in which a duplicitious press agent is pinned down in a phone booth by a sniper until he fesses up to being a hound.

GOOD THINGS:  Josh Pais as Mario! Keifer Sutherland in horn rims! Nice writing, acting and direction and you know it pains me to say that since it’s from the guy responsible for Batman and Robin.

BAD THINGS:  Eyebrow issues, screechy hookers, blood, guido shirts, questionable logistics and continuity?

FEATURES:  Colin Farrell, screechy hookers, John Enos III, peepshows, Forest Whitaker, cellphonearama, Katie Holmes, snipers, pizza guys, Radha Mitchell, Swahili, Keith Nobbs, deceased toy robots, Richard T. Jones

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  I admit the hookers screeching drove me sort of crazy but the main thing is what is up with Katie Holmes pretending to be Joey Lauren Adams?

NOTABLE:  You know that’sa spicy good acting when it makes me give a frig about what happens to Colin Farrell.

BEST PART:  Woozy Keifer sighting

BEST LINE:  Oh no, you didn’t! You just fucked up my dick hand!

CROWNS:  4 out of 5

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