Night at the Museum

May 11, 2011 at 11:21 am Leave a comment

MOVIE:  Night at the Museum

NUTSHELL:  Wacky CGI thing with Ben Stiller as a security guard trying to control the residents of the Natural History Museum when they come alive at night.

GOOD THINGS:  Features three of my favorite men doing their patented “things” – Steve Coogan, Ricky Gervais and Owen Wilson plus Paul Rudd as a wired “bond trader”

BAD THINGS:  Story is a little blah, characters outisde museum wackies are a little blah, predictable action sequences, some atrocious ADR, Jake Cherry as the greasy kid stuff

FEATURES:  Kim Raver, blank-faced puppet creatures, Carla Gugino, Dick Van Dyke, Bill Cobbs, mischevious monkeys, a veritable Noah’s Ark of animated creatures, Sakakawea

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Cavemen make me nervous and coin tricks/sleigh of hand gags make me itch.

NOTABLE:  Written by two of my favorite Reno 911 guys who do get around writing-wise

BEST PART:  Mickey Rooney’s weird name calling

BEST LINE:  Octavius, Mary!

CROWNS:  3 out of 5

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