Head of State

May 11, 2011 at 11:32 am Leave a comment

MOVIE:  Head of State

NUTSHELL:  Hilarious tale in which an obscure councilman from Washington D.C. is asked to run for President by the Democratic Party and decides to do it his way.

GOOD THINGS:  Chris Rock writing, starring, and directing, Conan O’Brien, Nate Dogg as Greek Chorus, Dylan Baker, Tracy Morgan

BAD THINGS:  The Robin Givens storyline – bah!

FEATURES:  Player’s Ball, Teamsters, Super Whores, Ray Clark as the decoy, Mario Joyner, Gamma Singer, Stephanie March, Nick Searcy, Lynn Whitfield, Tamala Jones, James Rebhorn, Keith David

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Lynn Whitfield’s hair – I mean, wtf?

NOTABLE:  Everyone says I’m biased because Bernie Mac’s in this but really really really – it’s hilarious!

BEST PART:  The campaign commercials

BEST LINE:  It was off the hizzle for shizzle.

CROWNS:  4 out of 5

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