Driving Lessons

May 11, 2011 at 11:25 am Leave a comment

MOVIE:  Driving Lessons

NUTSHELL:  A shy teen with an overbearing mother takes a part-time job with a dotty has-been actress. Coming of age ensues.

GOOD THINGS:  Rupert salsa dancing! Blotchy Rupert in the tub! Rupert creeping the girls out at the pool! Rupert Rupert Rupert! plus Julie Walters, great non-relating to parents scenes and cloche hats!

BAD THINGS:  Obtrusively tall model Tamsin Egerton as the girl next door, witnessing, adultery, unsane ending that went off the richter scale for discomfort

FEATURES:  Slutty Scottish girls, poetry readings, Rupert doing the choking scene from Othello, loaves and fishes, Michelle Duncan, NIcholas Farrell who is presh presh presh!

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Laura Linney as the approaching-Ordinary-People-level mean mom.

NOTABLE:  As a full-time Rupert Grint enthusiast I am clearly not the most impartial reviewer so… grain of salt, people.

BEST PART:  Something about Rupert riding a bike dressed as a eucalyptus tree just sends me.

BEST LINE:  I’m a poet; I understand the power of words.

CROWNS:  4 out of 5

Entry filed under: Brits, Firebaton review.

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