Crazy Heart

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MOVIE:  Crazy Heart

NUTSHELL:  Cautionary tale for the “I just want to have fun and play music and that’s all that matters” people.

GOOD THINGS:  Jeff Bridges, Maggie Gyllenhaal and a script that is realistic in a lot of areas where movies never are.

BAD THINGS:  Length, non-sexy bodily fluid cameos, sort of a lot of extremely non-glamourous alcoholism scenes.  All the gritty, grizzled, grotty realism is too much at times.

FEATURES:  Obligatory cute kid, the non-airborne Ryan Bingham, Rick Dial, James Keane, Beth Grant, fly fishing, bowling, accordian

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  I almost didn’t make it to this movie because of the grizzled-ness and country music but if you had told me “oh, also Colin Farrell is there with a ponytail singing MULTIPLE country songs” I never would have gone near the theater.  But, I’m glad I did because Crazy Heart does have some good stuff in it and it’s not Crazy Heart’s fault I have unresolved Colin Farrell issues.

NOTABLE:  If you are frightened of country music (like me!) please note that it’s more the Johnny Cash/Hank Williams, Jr. kind and not the gaudy disco/American Idol kind or the kind with people who sound like they have glandular problems singing about xenophobia.

BEST PART:  Not sure if this is supposed to be funny, but we could not stop laughing at the Robert Duvall scenes because they were so random and odd.

BEST LINE:  “I’m from Enid, Oklahoma.”  “Of course you are.”

CROWNS:  3 out of 5

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