The Rookie

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MOVIE:  The Rookie

NUTSHELL:  A 38 year old science teacher/high school baseball coach whose professional ball career was cut short by injuries starts throwing faster and better than he ever did as a kid. When his cute/punkass team agrees to win some games if he’ll try out for a spot on a professional team, they win division and he does try out. But missing his family and money woes make him reconsider the monotonous, unglamourous word of a minor league ball player. Do you think he decides to go back home and teach high school science and coach a team unfortuantely named the Owls? Do they make sports movies about guys who decide they’d rather stay home than be all fancy and wear those weird spandexy socks? Well no they don’t. And while I’m ranting this is based on a true story and what happened was the guy had shoulder injuries and they took part of something (a tendon? – Ed.) from his ankle and put it in his shoulder and I never understood why they’d be surprised that a guy with a leg part in his shoulder could throw pimping pitches. That makes total sense to me. Anyway it’s a really good sweet movie but if you can explain any of those things or why someone would name a ball team the Owls or the Ruff Necks, please email me. Thanks. </rant>

GOOD THINGS:  Dennis Quaid, baseball, precious Bad News Bears action, charming codgers, familial reconciliation

BAD THINGS:  Bookends within bookends, nuns, quite possibly more shots of old leathery whatshisface throwing pitches against a golden horizon than you can handle

FEATURES:  Rachel Griffiths, that cute little kid Angus T. Jones from See Spot Run who unfortunately can’t seem to get through a movie without looking in the camera a few times, Carter Burwell score, dry goods, Beth Grant, workplace hanky panky, phone booths, Texas

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Brian Cox as a career Navy man? I just don’t know. Actually Brian Cox as anything creeps me out. Sorry, but too many cannibal and pedophile roles will do that.

NOTABLE:  Dennis Quaid || Sons with Father issues as Robin Williams || Tormented Widowers

BEST PART:  Well the ending is pretty freaking heartwarming <sniff sniff>.

BEST LINE:  It’s never one thing.

CROWNS:  4 1/2 out of 5

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See Spot Run Pearl Harbor

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