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MOVIE:  Storytelling

NUTSHELL:  Todd Solodnz’s two part treatment of the self-obsessed and the suburban. (He doesn’t like either.)

GOOD THINGS:  Steve Railsback, Paul Giamatti, Selma Blair, John Goodman, pink hair, Xander Berkeley, Lupe Ontiveros, Conan O’Brien

BAD THINGS:  Odd dual story format throws off momentum, purposeful unnerving of audience gets kind of blah after a while.

FEATURES:  Leo Fitzpatrick, Aleksa Palladino, Julie Hagerty, Mark Webber, Jonathan Osser, Noah Fleiss, Franka Potente, Belle and Sebastian, confused administrators, prissy short story workshop students, BDSM

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  All the sex scenes and some of the scenes with the maid and the … okay how about comfortable moments? The credits sure are cute.

NOTABLE:  Contains central character named Scooby. Julie Hagerty is dangerously thin.

BEST PART:  The big red block

BEST LINE:  It reminds me of Faulkner – only Eastern and handicapped.

CROWNS:  3 out of 5

Entry filed under: Firebaton review.

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