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MOVIE:  Shrek

NUTSHELL:  After a diminutive but megolamaniacal lord evicts all fairy tale creatures out of his kingdom and into an ogre’s swamp, the ogre and a donkey set out to rescue a princess to get the swamp back. Wacky japery ensues.

GOOD THINGS:  Eddie Murphy, Disney jokes, Princess jokes

BAD THINGS:  Eeeewwwy gross out ogre parts

FEATURES:  Cameron Diaz, Mike Myers, John Lithgow, crowns, tiaras, exploding bird, balloon animals, the Macarena

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  I was never okay with the princess being an ogre. There. I said it and I’m glad. GLAD!

NOTABLE:  Worse use of music since “Safety Dance” in The Mexican.

BEST PART:  On screen: The Girl Dragon parts  Off screen: The kids across the aisle going progressively more and more ballistic as Shrek’s beauty regimen got grosser and grosser


CROWNS:  4 out of 5

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