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MOVIE:  Pumpkin

NUTSHELL:  A sorority princess falls hard for the “special” athlete she’s mentoring for the “Challenge Games” and everyone positively has kittens.

GOOD THINGS:  Hysterically funny, Brenda Blethyn, good performances, Dominique Swain, the funniest music cues I’ve heard in a long time, Phil Reeves, sorority mayhem and fights with the tri Os, Marisa Coughlan as the uber-sorodemon of all time, tiaras, gowns, napkin love drawings

BAD THINGS:  Seems like something’s missing in the script here, guys. There were a bunch of holes that made me wonder about some stuff. Maybe that’s a good thing…

FEATURES:  Hank Harris, shotput, discus, javelin and assorted track and field, Sam Ball, fiery crashes, hair jokes, Lisa Banes as “Chippy McDuffy”, sausage, frightening tall blonde army that will haunt your dreams, hula skirts, convertible VW, picnic at the beach, frozen yogurt, running home to mom, chickens

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  The tension’s thick here in certain parts but at least it’s usually relieved with a laugh before you pop.

NOTABLE:  Sam Ball looks more like a Ken doll than… um… a Ken doll.

BEST PART:  The screaming and the running

BEST LINE:  Thank you, Jungle Dancers!

CROWNS:  4 out of 5


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