Murder By Numbers

January 15, 2010 at 10:19 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE:  Murder By Numbers

NUTSHELL:  Creepy high school homos kill to feed their superiority complex and psychologically spar with a damanged female homicide detective as she tries to tie them to the murder.

GOOD THINGS:  My boyfriend Michael “Leonardo DiCreepio” Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Agnes Bruckner, nice evidence twists, parole hearing accuracy (a first)

BAD THINGS:  Formulaic Lifetime Network Movie caliber script, flashback camera trickery, Ben Chaplin ais the uncomfortable male lead – man what a stiff!, abnormally big-red-shiny faced angry police captain, baboon butt

FEATURES:  Ryan “David Arquette but cheaper” Gosling, Nietzsche quotes, another badass police detective who lives on a houseboat, Chris Penn

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Watching Sandra Bullock be tormented by the past, the present, booze, the killers, etc.

NOTABLE:  If you are familiar with parole hearings in California, you will understand Sandra Bullock’s character way before the rest of the audience. Of course, I just thought it was an inaccuracy in the script so I couldn’t enjoy it.

BEST PART:  Michael Pitt, though I could really stand to see him play a character that’s not a big freak at least once in a while.

BEST LINE:  Get in. It’s fun in here.

CROWNS:  2 out of 5


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