The General

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MOVIE:  The General

NUTSHELL:  Buster Keaton’s 1927 before-its-time comedy, historical, stunt, romance extravaganza

GOOD THINGS:  Buster Keaton, train stunts, great physical comedy, prescient-ness of stunts and effects

BAD THINGS:  The tagline: “Love, Locomotives and Laughs”

FEATURES:  Marion Mack, Charles Smith, Richard Allen, Glen Cavender, Jim Farley, and my favorite (just for the name): Frederick Vroom

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Sometimes it’s hard to cheer for Confederates, even if it’s Buster Keaton.

NOTABLE:  Was overbudget about a half a million dollars in 1926. OUCH. Stunt gone awry set a good section of Oregon on fire and the crew had to return home to Los Angeles and wait for a good rain to clear the smoke.

BEST PART:  Famous shot sitting on side of train as it moves

BEST LINE:  If you lose this war, don’t blame me.

CROWNS:  5 out of 5

Entry filed under: Classic, Firebaton review.

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