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MOVIE:  Zoolander

NUTSHELL:  A fashion designer brainwashes a male model to kill an opponent of child labor. Hilarity ensues.

GOOD THINGS:  OWEN WILSON as the up-and-coming hipster male model, Will Ferrell as the shrill, poodle-coiffed designer Mugatu, Ben Stiller, costumes, production design, VH-1 soundtrack, celebrity cast of thousands

BAD THINGS:  Fabio, Paris Hilton

FEATURES:  Christine Taylor, Milla Jovovich, Andy Dick in drag, David Bowie, David Duchovny, Billy Zane, Natalie Portman, Cuba Gooding Jr., my boyfriend Tyson, basically everyone in the world who’s famous

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  The constant prostate talk. I love Jerry Stiller, but please, we are delicate you know.

NOTABLE:  *Disclaimer* I am probably not the most objective person to ask about a movie in which Owen Wilson plays a male model. *Disclaimer*

BEST PART:  Owen vs. Ben in a runway walk-off. (Does walk-off take a hyphen? – Ed.)

BEST LINE:  Look out! She’s got an egg!

CROWNS:  5 out of 5

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