The One (guest)

January 13, 2010 at 1:24 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE: The One

GUEST: Dan Conderman

NUTSHELL: A dude in 1 universe kills himself in all the other universes – 123 to be exact. Each time he does, he gets stronger. But the last one of him is strong too. So it’s a battle to see who will be “The One”… Oh GOD, this sounds bad already, doesnt it?

GOOD THINGS: Matrix-like special effects are pretty cool. Watching people get beaten with motorcycles is pretty cool too.

BAD THINGS: Dialogue – what there is of it – is dumb and overly dramatic. You can pretty much write the whole thing on a good-sized cocktail napkin.

FEATURES: Jet Li, Jet Li, that girl from “Son in Law” and a bunch of other schmucks

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: When i figured out the plot before they told it. And then they give it to you like you didn’t already figure it out.

NOTABLE: Obviosly written about 10 seconds after “The Matrix” came out. And probably took about 10 seconds to write.

BEST PART: Well, the whole thing was filled with some pretty tight fight scenes.

BEST LINE: Hmmm… not enough lines to pick from.

CROWNS: 2.5 out of 5

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