The Odd Couple (guest)

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MOVIE: The Odd Couple

GUEST: Christopher Watkins

NUTSHELL: A successful slob and a neat-freak on a losing streak, already close friends, move in together.

GOOD THINGS: Matthau and Lemmon’s schtick has genuine feelings under all the comedy, setting it apart from the other films of the famous duo. There is a real emphasis on the characters first, and the comedy second.

BAD THINGS: When it wasn’t just Lemmon/Matthau, the movie bogs down a bit. The spots with their poker friends came off a little forced and over-rehearsed. Suicide humor is fine for me, but may bother some.

FEATURES: Lemmon, Matthau, and other actors who I’m sure are fine, but I don’t know their names. Two hilariously stupid giggler English chicks.

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: Lemmon pouring his heart out to the above-mentioned girls. Matthau’s character pulling no punches in outwardly sexually harrassing a waitress.

NOTABLE: Too bad that comedies with real feeling backing the story have been replaced by teenagers who cannot act playing around with human and animal bodily fluids. Matthau desperately wanted to play the role of Felix, but Neil Simon wouldn’t have it.

BEST PART: Dinner with the pidgeon sisters. A 5 or so minute scene with no dialogue where Oscar and Felix silently piss each other off, playing off what each knows angers the other.

BEST LINE: Felix to Oscar – “You didn’t even know that this was a ladle!” and “It took me 30 minutes to figure out that F.U. stood for Felix Unger!”

CROWNS: 4 out of 5

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