The Mexican (guest)

January 13, 2010 at 1:07 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE: The Mexican

GUEST: Firestone Girl

NUTSHELL: Beautiful girl, beautiful guy, beautiful gun, hilarity ensues.

GOOD THINGS: Well, I like square jaws. And skinny dogs. So, yeah. Square jaws and skinny dogs.

BAD THINGS: It was the beginning of Spring Break, and there were lots of teenagers hooting at inappropriate times. “Heh heh. He said stool.” Oh, is this supposed to be about the movie? No chemistry between the beautiful people, etc. etc.

FEATURES: James Gandolfini as a gay man?


NOTABLE: J. Ro wore a cutesy cursive name necklace in the beginning. I’d really like one of those.

BEST PART: See above.

BEST LINE: I had the flu, so was easily distracted from all the dialogue with the flashing big teeth. Oh, and the cursive name necklace. Where can I find one of those?

CROWNS: 3, and only because of the square jaw.

Entry filed under: Firestone Girl, Guest Review.

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