Red Dragon (guest)

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MOVIE: Red Dragon

GUEST: Nathan Arizona

NUTSHELL: Silence of the Lambs: Episode I: The Phantom Cannibal.” No, not really. Based on Thomas Harris’ FIRST novel featuring Hannibal Lecter, this movie is made in the style of “Silence of the Lambs,” creating a much moodier film than 1986’s “Manhunter,” which was more like “Hannibal Lecter meets Miami Vice.

GOOD THINGS: Anthony Hopkins and his gourmet flair, Ed Norton, Anthony Heald reprising his weasely portrayal of Dr. Frederick Chilton, and Ralph Fiennes as Number One Whack Job Francis Dolarhyde.

BAD THINGS: I hate to list it as a bad thing, because his performance was first-rate, but I just don’t buy Harvey Keitel as straight-up G-man Jack Crawford. Maybe I’ve seen him too often in films like “Pulp Fiction,” “Reservoir Dogs,” and “Bad Lieutenant.”

FEATURES: The same sets as “Silence,” the same screenwriter as “Silence,” some of the same actors in secondary and even tertiary roles (Chilton and Barney) as in “Silence,” and that’s the first time I have EVER used the word “tertiary” in conversation.

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: Um, just about everything dealing with Francis Dolarhyde’s crimes. Compared to him, Hannibal Lecter can only be considered a tad odd.

NOTABLE: Seriously, Dolarhyde is the most messed-up character Thomas Harris has ever created. Removing people’s organs and serving them up at a dinner party for art patrons is an absolute giggle compared to what this guy does to his victims.

BEST PART: Hannibal Lecter’s dinner party. Yum!

BEST LINE: To be honest, I was too creeped out to remember any. Pretty much all of Hopkins’ lines were the best. Hannibal Lecter is just a quote-generating machine.

CROWNS: 5 out of 5 fava beans and a nice Chianti!

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