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MOVIE:  Munich

NUTSHELL:  After the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympics, Mossad dispatches a group to kill an equal number of suspected Palestinian terrorist leaders.

GOOD THINGS:  Eric Bana and I go way back and Spielberg is still <sigh> a good filmmaker. The look of the film is very evocative and there is uniformly good, committed acting here.

BAD THINGS:  It’s possible this movie is just for much smarter people than me, but it seemed overall just very ambivalent and if I want ambivalence and confusion, I have my own life.

FEATURES:  Daniel Craig, Geoffrey Rush, a cute dog, the kitchen of tomorrow, zip guns

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  I got up to hit the latrine and when I came back the movie was over. I blame the movie for this and not the Mr. Pibb.

NOTABLE:  The only people in this whose motives are not taken into account and who are depicted as totally evil with no characterization are Americans and a French guy with an Alsatian who drives around listening to Edith Piaf.

BEST PART:  Eric Bana’s perfomance was the only thing that got through to me.

BEST LINE:  She’s frightfully ugly.

CROWNS:  3 out of 5

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