King Kong

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MOVIE:  King Kong

NUTSHELL:  Bloated 3 hour remake of the 1933 thriller in which a filmmaker goes to an uncharted island to make a movie but brings back a 25 foot ape to make money on Broadway instead. Sometimes life is like that.

GOOD THINGS:  Naomi Watts who is in another, better movie entirely, KYLE CHANDLER, Evan Parke, Jables, Jamie Bell, Thomas Kretschmann, Andy Serkis as Kong and Lumpy (no, really), Art Deco mania

BAD THINGS:  Scary natives, dinosaurs, big worm… er… things, hokey gags, lame in-jokes, platitudes galore, gratuitious Joseph Conrad references

FEATURES:  Colin Hanks, Adrien Brody, alarmingly naturalistic depiction of location filming, upturned fruit cart during chase (oh the humanity), some lovely moments really even through you know it will end badly and action sequences that are very exciting when they don’t go on forever and ever

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  I went to the latrine and when I looked at my watch I wasn’t even 1/3 of the way through this movie. Then the power went out 90 minutes later and the fire alarms went off but maybe I should have considered this a much needed intermission.

NOTABLE:  You know the portal to portal 4 hour time allocation discouraged me from seeing this despite JB and I only went after all the nominations came out. But if anyone had bothered to mention that Kyle Chandler was in it, i would have been there in a second.

BEST PART:  Oh I am a sucker for that Kyle Chandler and when you add him into action sequences too, may I just say – ooh la la!

BEST LINE:  Comin’ thru!

CROWNS:  3 out of 5


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