Hannibal (guest)

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MOVIE: Hannibal


NUTSHELL: Hannibal, the brilliant cannibal psycho mass murderer is back to fuck with everyone. Add in a psycho victim of his that survived and the fed he bought, an Italian looking for a quick buck, Starling in trouble, and some yummy eats.

GOOD THINGS: Everything

BAD THINGS: Nothing.

FEATURES: Twists, turns, gore, giant killer hogs, disembowelment, eatin” brains, guns!, Gucci shoes, love, blood, amazing scenery, and KICK ASS MUSIC. (Hans is my personal god.)

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: Gee, everything? This movie is scary, gross and REALLY GOOD. It’s graphic but no so much as to be silly. One of the best is a certain hand-chopping-off at the end.

NOTABLE: Ray Liotta. He does a really great job in this and it’ll probably be overlooked in the grand scheme of things

BEST PART: ONE of the best parts is the Italian Cop’s fate. Or or or when Hannibal answered a phone call from Starling and she wasn’t expecting it… or or or… When the Italian cop’s wife was reading Dante, or or or… JUST GO SEE IT.

BEST LINE: Would be MINE! When the lights came up, the applause died down and everyone stood to leave… I jumped up and announced that I was STARVING and wanted to go eat ASAP. I will treasure the looks I got for the rest of my life. (And I really was hungry, damn it.) But from the movie I’ll choose: “On the related subject I must confess to you… I am giving very serious thought… to eating your wife.”

CROWNS: 5 out of 5

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