Go Tigers!

January 13, 2010 at 10:13 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE:  Go Tigers!

NUTSHELL:  Documentary about an Ohio town whose enthusiasm for their high school football team may be too extreme and a detriment to other things like… education

GOOD THINGS:  Some funny parts and the main kids profiled are interesting. I was glad to find out what happened to them at the end of the film.

BAD THINGS:  Mostly typical and manipulative, I have had it up to here with aren’t-small-towns-just-so-wacky???? documentaries.

FEATURES:  Projectile vomiting and a lot of it, a really insane senior citizen lady, pep rallies, parades and large coaches. Maybe that should be in caps – LARGE coaches.


NOTABLE:  It’s astonishing that a documentary about a town’s obsession with their high school football team is not about some place in Texas.

BEST PART:  Naysayers montage!

BEST LINE:  He had colic as a babe and it just never stopped.

CROWNS:  3 out of 5

Entry filed under: Documentary, Firebaton review.

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