City of God

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MOVIE:  City of God

NUTSHELL:  In the ghetto “Ciudade de Dios” in Rio de Janeiro, two young boys follow different paths amid brutal violence and ubiquitious drugs.

GOOD THINGS:  Astonishing film by Fernando Meirelles based on Paolo Lins factual novel. Everything’s first rate here. The director’s use of filmmaking technique to tell the story is alternately shocking, witty and breathtaking.

BAD THINGS:  City of God is very true to life and based on real events. After you see all the carnage and then realize it’s true, you will want to drink yourself into a coma. Go see it in a theatre near a bar with a license to sell hard liquor.

FEATURES:  Drugs, afros, Hang Ten shirts, guns, a cast of thousands who are brilliant but who you’ve never heard of, drugs, Portuguese, guns, great music, photography, drugs, newspaper folks, guns, ginger drug addict, beautiful girl, unrequited love and guns

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Well it’s about drugs and kids killing each other. Dooyaaiieee…

NOTABLE:  The cast is made up of mostly non-actors. Wow wow wow!

BEST PART:  Don’t let the fact that one character is named “Carrot” dissuade you from going to see this film. You have my personal guarantee that there is NO prop comedy in City of God.

BEST LINE:  Having a hoodlum for a brother sucks.

CROWNS:  5 out of 5

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