Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope

January 13, 2010 at 1:48 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE:  Bounce: Behind the Velvet Rope

NUTSHELL:  Documentary about Bouncers and the men and women they pummel.

GOOD THINGS:  Irish bouncers reading scripture and kicking keister .

BAD THINGS:  Italian bouncers who can’t hike a football.

FEATURES:  Violence, steroids, twins

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS:  Two 300 pound bouncers showing off their scrapbook of pictures of Sylvester Stallone

NOTABLE:  From the director of “Blood Ties”

BEST PART:  The bouncer/makeup artist at the mall giving a makeover.

BEST LINE:  I can’t believe I just did quotation marks with my hands.

CROWNS:  4 out of 5

Entry filed under: Documentary, Firebaton review.

The Big O The Filth and the Fury

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