Billy Jack (guest)

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MOVIE: Billy Jack

GUEST: Lisa from Zuma

NUTSHELL: Native American ex-Green Beret hero stomps ass, saves horses, and gets all goofy about a “freedom school” in the Arizona desert. Writer-director-actor-malcontent Tom Laughlin’s ode to his own ego. Co-written by Laughlin and his squeeze Delores Taylor, who lovingly plays the character “Jean.”

GOOD THINGS: Ass-stomping. Billy Jack could have kicked Bruce Lee’s tight little backside. Good guys you love, bad guys you hate. Does it get much better? Methinks not.

BAD THINGS: That damned boom microphone hogging the camera.

FEATURES: Ass-stomping, plus: David Roya as “Bernard.” (Rumor is, Roya couldn’t go anywhere for years without somebody wanting to stomp his ass.) Released in 1971, and quickly climbed into the Top Five GUY Movies of all time. Not to mention, a butt-load of ass-stomping.

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: Er, the, uh, ball-crushing. Yeow! Plus: Laughlin’s producer credit reads ”Mary Rose Solti.” Huh?

NOTABLE: Spawned “The Trial of Billy Jack” and “Billy Jack Goes to Washington.” Soundtrack ditty “One Tin Soldier” spent a few weeks at the top of the charts. Little guys in black cowboy hats got their asses stomped all over the country following release of this film.

BEST PART: City park ass-stomping tied with Corvette lake-driving.

BEST LINE: You know what I’m gonna do? Just for the hell of it? I’m gonna take this right foot and wallop you on the left side of your face, and you know what? There’s not a damn thing you can do about it.

CROWNS: 4 out of 5 berets

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