Star Woids

January 10, 2010 at 10:03 pm Leave a comment

MOVIE: Star Woids

NUTSHELL: Documentary about two feuding lines for the premiere of Star Wars I: The Phantom Menace in which some kids waited up to 42 days in Westwood and Hollywood.

GOOD THINGS: Well, it’s freaking hilarious all the way through. Something that stands out – the transient man saying he’d understand if the line were for a Kubrick movie, but Star Wars?

BAD THINGS: The cherubic Star Wars enthusiast the movie mainly features is now yet another Hollywood Producer/Manager in a leather jacket with sunglasses on his head and that makes me really really depressed.

FEATURES: Aging Jawas, Uncle Owen, an avid and charming but also disturbing action figure collector, Star Wars – The Musical, the affable, adorable and yet very nervous Skywalker Ranch Police!, some confused Klingons

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: Um, the mother of the kid who graduated high school early to wait in line for a Star Wars movie explaining how close she is to her son. There are a lot of other thing that are jaw-droppingly upsetting but this one definitely stands out.

NOTABLE: Film shows the organizational and logistical problems the lines encountered as well as the in fighting of different factions. Someone should write their Sociology thesis on this. It’s all very Animal Farm. (This movie will be the first release from Film Threat who I guess is going to distribute Videos and DVDs now.)

BEST PART: Guy snoring and an all singing, all dancing Han Solo

BEST LINE: I like to collect food and eat it.

CROWNS: 5 out of 5

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