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MOVIE: Amadeus (Director’s Cut)

NUTSHELL: Milos Forman’s Academy-Award-winning film based on Peter Shaffer’s play about Antonio Salieri, who turns his back on God after seeing the vulgarity… and genius of his peer Mozart

GOOD THINGS: F. Murray Abraham, Jeffrey Jones, sweets, Elizabeth Berridge, masks, Tom Hulce, Christine Ebersole and DIVAS

BAD THINGS: 30 minutes longer than the original (ouch!) and way too much opera. Possibly the first time someone said “You know what we should do to make it better? Let’s add more opera. Don’t you think the audience will just love that?”

FEATURES: Mental illness, Simon Callow, death masses, mean dads, Marie Antoinette jokes, Italians, piano stunts, priests, wine, snow, wigs, dwarfs including R2 D2, Roy Dotrice

UNCOMFORTABLE MOMENTS: I’m going to say it loud and say it proud: there is only so much Don Giovanni a person can take.

NOTABLE: The wife’s role is more fleshed out in the Director’s cut and it’s really too bad so much of her was cut because if it had been left in, she might have gotten nominated for an Oscar and gotten better parts. Now she’s doing stuff like TV movies about Billie Jean King and uncredited roles as “Hooker in Bar.” Sigh.

BEST PART: F. Murray Abraham being a kook.

BEST LINE: Well. There it is.

CROWNS: 4 out of 5


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